Miami’s Bayfront Park

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“The view is spectacular. It really makes you feel like you just walked into a whole different world. It’s beautiful and the park for the kids is a plus. My kids had an awesome time”, is a quote from one recent visitor of Miami’s famous Bayfront Park. Famous it is due to an extensive history and some significant events that have taken place throughout the park. Bayfront Park is truly one of Miami’s golden gems.

Originally opened in 1925, Bayfront Park was built around a lush landscape of tall trees, beautiful flowers, and welcoming open spaces where people would gather to play or hold public events. The park’s center-city location was very accommodating for Miami residents and became a popular spot for politicians and public speeches.

In 1933, during one popular political speech, the visiting mayor of Chicago, Anton Cermak, and the President-elect, Franklin D Roosevelt, were gathered together as gunshots were heard.  Anton Cermak was shot multiple times and eventually perished from his wounds. On that memorable day, four other people were also shot by the assassin, Giuseppe Zangara.

Over the next several years, Bayfront Park was well-known for many things, including; a great tourist destination for folks who wanted to visit a part of history or enjoy some nature in the midst of city-life, home of a city library, fishing holes, and sightseeing tours. Around the 1980’s when downtown Miami became second place for many residents, Bayfront Park slowly became more and more deserted. In 1980, the city of Miami decided to re-invest in downtown properties, and Bayfront Park was on the list. The park went under a major revamping and Japanese-American architect, Isamu Noguchi, was a main contributor.

Since the re-invention of Bayfront Park and the surrounding areas in downtown Miami, the park has coined the new title, “event park”. Bayfront Park is now the place for thousands of people to gather and celebrate a number of activities. Annual events such as New Year’s Eve celebrations, July 4th celebrations, and the Ultra Music Festival bring lots of activity to the park. It is also the location for the 2018 qualifiers and finals for the popular television show, “American Ninja Warrior”.

Bayfront Park definitely has a long, rich history for Miamians and visitors, alike. Since the downtown area is so revitalized for today’s standards, chances are quite good that Bayfront Park will continue to host many more years of exciting, memorable occasions for many more generations.

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