Miami’s Local Authority Vote for Street Race in 2019

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Well, it just happened on May 10, 2018, when the city commissioners of Miami unanimously agreed that the Formula One (F1) race should be allowed to occur on Miami city streets, beginning in the year 2019.  The proposal is for a ten-year stint (2019-2028) for the Formula 1 race to take place in Miami.  If decisions continue along this pathway, then Miami will continue to grow in international recognition.

The Formula 1 race is defined as, “the highest class of single-seater auto racing that is sanctioned by the Federation Internationale l’Automobile (FIA) and is owned by the Formula One Group”.  The Championship races have been one of the most distinguishable forms of automobile racing since it first began in 1950.  Formula 1 races are held worldwide on specifically designed tracks or on pre-chosen city streets.  Austin, Texas is the only current U.S. city that has hosted Formula One races.  Miami would become the second U.S. city to host the famous races.

The proposed track in the city of Miami can be found online or through city managers.  Basically, the proposed racetrack runs around the Bayfront Park-American Airlines Arena-Port Miami areas.  By having the race in the city of Miami, there is the potential for Miami to gain billions of dollars.  Not only would that be a huge economic boost for the city, but Miami would gain worldwide recognition, as well.

Miami mayor, Francis Suarez, recently stated, “F1 is a worldwide sport with approximately 1.8 billion TV viewers annually.  I believe it will help in the transition of the City of Miami from a gateway city to a global city”.  Furthermore, he said, “This is a first step, and hopefully at some point there will be an agreement come before this commission that has been vetted by the community and be voted on”.

Needless to say, this proposal would increase the popularity of Miami, as people from around the world would know Miami by name and would aim to witness the Formula One races in person.  Hosting a Formula One race will not be an easy task, but the privilege and the excitement of hosting the race may prove quite beneficial for the entire city.

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