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Moldeeze, LLC. inspects for mold in residential and commercial properties. We ensure that the mold inspection is carried out under the guidance of a mold inspector and we also take the help of an indoor environmentalist. We use state of the art equipment to carry out the inspection. With the use of advanced technology, our inspection process is easier and smoother. However, we do involve a nationally accredited laboratory to ensure that the test results are accurate. This helps in establishing a more ethical working environment by involving a third party to complete all the tests.

We complete a visual inspection of the premises and then we red flag the areas where the possibility of mold growth is the highest. These are areas which are excessively moist or where there is water leakage. On the other hand, if mold is visible then it is already confirmed that mold is building up in the premises.

With the help of air samples we are able to check if the presence of mold has started affecting the air you breathe. These samples are sent to an AIHA accredited laboratory where the samples are checked and a detailed report is provided. With the help of this detailed report, we can check if remediation is required or not.

If the lab report confirms that mold is becoming a problem in your house, then we provide mold remediation services which can help you solve the problem. We provide mold removal and mildew removal services to help your household so that you lead a life free of the potential risks of mold. Mold inspection is also a great way to ensure that work has been done effectively.

If mold is already visible in the house, then you can have the mold removal process done without the process of inspection. However, you can get a mold inspection done after the mold removal is complete. This will ensure that the work was done effectively. It helps in giving you a peace of mind that your house is free of mold.

Why Get a Mold Inspection?

In addition to peace of mind, a mold inspection can help you understand the reason behind the members of your family falling ill and unwanted smells in the house. Even when you are preparing for a real estate transaction, a mold inspection becomes very necessary to ensure that the house you are going to buy or sell does not have a problem with mold or mildew.

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