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The process of mold remediation requires professional training and advanced equipment. Mold is already present in the environment in the form of mold spores. Their omnipresence makes it difficult to remove them completely from any home, however, the presence of mold colonies are the patches that we notice in a house. The mold spores present in the air begin to thrive in the presence of excessive moisture.

When an area of your house is exposed to moisture over a long period of time, then the mold spores grow into a colony in that place which has been exposed to water. It usually has a strong, musty odor, which helps you track the place where the mold colony exists. If there is a water leakage or any source of water that is creating a mold, it is preemptive that you handle that problem first. Without solving the problem of water, you will only end up inviting the mold spores back to the house even after the remediation process is over.

It is important make sure that all problems related to excessive moisture or water leakages are solved. Moldeeze, LLC. begins the process of mold removal and mildew removal by containing the area where mold exists. This ensures the safety of the people living in the house. Once the area is contained, the process of mold removal involves capturing the microscopic mold spores and preventing the spread of the spores to other areas in the house.

We also ensure that the air is completely clean so that the house is free of mold. We use a number of antifungal and antimicrobial treatments which help us eradicate mold from your house and ensures that they do not begin to form new colonies. There is a possibility that certain porous materials may have to be removed from the house like carpets where the presence of mold is so heavy that it cannot be removed from the surface of the carpet and it can portray a problem for the future causing the mold to spread once again.

All other items in the area where the mold is found are cleaned up so that mold does not begin to grow on any of those items. Once the entire place is free of mold, Moldeeze, LLC. sanitizes the area and also removes any unwanted odor caused by the presence of mold. Once the mold is removed from your house, you can ask for a mold inspection to confirm complete eradication of the mold.